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On an ongoing basis, our in-house laboratories test flammability, toxicity, smoke density, pilling, wear, abrasion, colorfastness and many other parameters. The test facilities are also available to third-party customers.

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Lab services: Aircraft

  • In connection with the Production Organziation Approval (POA), Lantal's lab was audited by the FOCA.
  • Besides the flammability tests according to FAR / CS 25.853 App. F Part I, II, IV and V for aircraft interior materials, we have the equipment for many other tests as well.
  • The combination of approval pursuant to EASA Part 21 J of Lantal’s subsidiary ASI and the approval of Lantal pursuant to EASA Part 21 G makes it possible to manufacture various parts for refurbishment, retrofits and OEM projects as well a pneumatic components and to deliver such items with an EASA Form 1.
  • Lantal’s in-house independent laboratory is accredited as a center for fire tests pursuant to ISO/IEC 17025. This approval allows the lab to conduct fire tests listed in the scope of accreditation on materials and components used in aircraft cabines.
  • Flammability test - as per specification FAR/CS 25.853, App. F, Part I, 12 or 60 sec. vertical, horizontal, 45˚ test for cargo compartments
  • Flammability test for upholstery of complete seats  - as per specification FAR/CS 25.853, App. F, Part II
  • Smoke test – as per specification Airbus Directives (ABD 0031) or Boeing Specification (BSS 7238)
  • Toxicity test – as per specification ABD 0031 or BSS 7239
  • Heat release rate (OSU test), smoke – as per specification FAR/CS 25.853, App. F, Part IV/V
  • And many more – for example: Carpet wear test, peel test, abrasion resistance, electrostatic propensities, pilling, colorfastness, perspiration, dry cleaning, rubbing, etc.
  • In connection with the Design Organisation Approval our CVEs are able to witness your tests